Monocle is your new home on the Internet.

Monocle is an IndieWeb reader. Read and respond to any kind of content online! Monocle provides an interface to read and reply to posts from anything you follow.

Monocle doesn't subscribe to feeds itself, instead it's an interface on top of your own feed subscriptions. Your website may already provide this API, or you can use an external service like Aperture, or many others.

Monocle is just one of many IndieWeb readers! It works great on a mobile device, but if you prefer a native app you can use Indigenous for iPhone or Android.

Technical Details

Monocle is a Microsub client. Microsub is a spec that provides a standardized way for reader apps to interact with feeds. By splitting feed parsing and displaying posts into separate parts, a reader app can focus on presenting posts to the user instead of also having to parse feeds. A Microsub server manages the list of people you're following and collects their posts, and a Micropub app shows the posts to the user by fetching them from the server.

To use Monocle, you need to have a website which points to a Microsub server so that Monocle knows where to find content to display.

If your website also supports Micropub, then you'll be able to favorite and reply to posts from within Monocle too.

You can read more about the technical details of Monocle at Building an IndieWeb Reader.